ONLINE - Sun 18th Oct - The Ultimate Drip Cake Class

Online Drip Cake Class

Sun 18th October

18:00 Tel Aviv / 16:00 UK / 11:00 New York

This workshop will take you through every step to creating a perfect buttercream drip cake. From making the Swiss meringue buttercream, to levelling the sponge cakes, stacking the cake layers evenly and working on achieving straight and sharp edges.  Topped off with a chocolate ganache drip and some handmade decorations too, you won’t want to miss this special workshop!

For this workshop you will need the following equipment:

Ready baked 6 inch/15cm cake
Stand mixer with whisk attachment
Rubber spatula
Medium and small saucepan
Thermometer (don’t worry if you don’t have one)
Oven tray with baking paper/non-stick mat
3 piping bags
Food colouring and small brushes (you can use cotton buds instead!)
Star piping tip
Serrated knife
Pastry brush
Cake board/plate
Turntable/Lazy Suzan
Step palette knife
Side scraper
Access to fridge / freezer

This class will be approximately 3 hours long


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