ONLINE - Fri 16th Oct - Basic Buttercream Birthday Cake

Join us online to bake and decorate a classic birthday cake.

Thursday 15th: 18:00 Tel Aviv / 16:00 UK

Friday 16th: 12 noon Tel Aviv / 10:00 UK

This class will be broken down into 2 parts:

Part 1: Baking Thursday 15th October at 18:00 Tel Aviv / 16:00 UK.  

In this part we will bake the sponge cakes together in preparation for decorating the next day.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this part together – we will send you the full instructions for baking.

This part of the workshop will be approximately 45 minutes


Part 2: Decorating Friday 16th October 12:00 Tel Aviv / 10:00 UK.  

We will prepare our signature Swiss Meringue Buttercream and use it to fill and cover our cakes with a neat and sharp finish.  We will also get familiar with buttercream piping to create a pretty finish to the tops of our birthday cakes.

To join this class you will need the following equipment at home:

2 x 6 inch/15cm cake tins
Stand mixer
Rubber spatula
Thermometer (don’t worry if you don’t have one)
Piping bag with a large star piping tip
Serrated knife
Cake board/plate
Turntable/Lazy Suzan
Pallette knife / offset spatula
Side scraper
Access to fridge / freezer

This part of the workshop will be approximately 2 hours



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