Day Wedding Cake course – 26-27.06

In this workshop, you learn how to decorate a tiered wedding cake and learn the best way to stack the tiers (without the tears!). Day One – Baking You will learn how to bake our signature sponge cakes and discuss through flavour options.  We will teach you about proportions and sizing up recipes to make […]

Parent & Child – Cookies 101 !! 21.06

₪200  One Parent and Child per ticket.* Suitable for children ages 8-12 yrs old. In this class we'll be going back to basics and teaching you how to make the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever.  And we mean ever!  We'll also be teaching you how to bake and decorate shortbread biscuits and how to decorate them […]

Textured Buttercream Cake – 06.06

This class is all about letting your creative side out.  We will play with colour and texture to create a really beautiful cake.  We will learn about colours, and how to apply coloured buttercream to the cake using a variety of techniques, from piping to pallet knives, to give our cakes a final textured finish. […]

Concrete Succulent Cake 30.05

₪500 Concrete effect cakes have been a rising trend in recent years.  With a modern and urban feel, these cakes bring a new twist to cake decorating.  You will learn how to master this technique by creating the perfect buttercream and learning how to give your cakes the sharp finished edges.  The cake is perfectly […]

Buttercream Geode Cake 23.05

₪500 שפרי את כישורייך בעבודה עם קרם חמאה וניצור עוגת אבן גאודה מושלמת – אחת מהמגמות הגדולות בעולם העוגות! העוגה, המעוטרת בעיצוב אבן גאודה(מיוחדת מאוד), היא יצירת אמנות והזדמנות מושלמת לנסות כישורי קישוט חדשים. הסדנה מושלמת למי שכבר בעל ניסיון בעיצוב עוגות. בסדנה זו תלמדו: איך להכין את עוגת הוניל הקלאסית שלנו איך להכין קרם […]