Mini Drip Date Night (18+)

Back by popular demand! Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out with your loved one, or just want to have a laugh with your BFF, then join us for date night! Come and learn how to make and decorate Mini Drip Cakes which are perfect for sharing. From striped buttercream and meringue kisses to […]

Macaron Masterclass

Ever wondered how to make the perfect macarons? Or have you made them time and time again but not quite getting it right? Join us for this macaron masterclass where we will take you through every step to making these beautiful French delicacies. We will teach you how to make the perfect macaron batter, the […]

Buttercream Rainbow Drip Cake

We all need a bit of colour in our lives right now, and what can be better than in cake form? This workshop will take you through every step to achieving the perfect rainbow stripes.  You’ll learn how to make our signature Swiss meringue buttercream and learn how to fill as well as stack the […]