Studio Hire Deposit 12.06.2023

Baker Street TLV – Studio Rental

June 12th 2023  14:00 start for 4-5 hours.

🌸 We rent the studio space for 700nis for 3 hours, and then every additional hour after that is 100nis per hour.
🌸 You have access to the full studio (back kitchen, reception area, main space, bathroom and sink area) using all the equipment that we have and fridge/freezer/oven access too.
🌸 If there is any specific equipment you need then you would have to bring with, including disposable things like piping bags.
🌸 We expect the studio to be left in the same clean state you found it (so include cleaning time in your hours 😉) we do have a dishwasher that you can use to put any equipment that you used at the end of the workshop.


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