How many people are there in each workshop?
We are limiting our cake workshops to 6 participants and 8 participants for our date nights in order to keep numbers in the studio below 10 people. 
Do we get to take our cake home with us?
Of course! Unless the class states that you will be making the cake from scratch, you will be working on your own pre-made cake that you can take home with you to enjoy. We will also supply a large box so it can to your destination safely! 
In what language are the workshops taught?
We mainly speak English (as we’re originally from England) however we can teach in Hebrew if needed.
What Corona safety precautions is the studio carrying out?
We are grateful that our studio is a very large, open space with windows and a large work surface so that everyone can be spaced out to maintain social distancing. We stress that masks are worn at all times and have limited the numbers of participants per workshop to maintain a safe environment. 
I can’t make the workshop I had booked, can I get a refund?
Unforutunately, we do not offer refunds however if you let us know up to 72hrs before the workshop, you can change to a different class or get the same value as a credit voucher to spend in the future.  
Is the studio Kosher?
Whilst we do not have a Kashrut license, all of our ingredients are kosher and we have a strict dairy-only policy in the studio. 
I’ve never baked a cake before, which workshop is best for me?
Our methods are extremely unique and therefore we teach everyone at the same level. However, there are classes with more intricate designs than others which are more suitable for a more experienced cake decorator. If you’re not sure you can always drop us an email!
Can two people work on the same cake?
Our cake workshops are designed so one person decorates one cake in order to get the full experience. If you wanted a shared activity then we highly recommend coming to one of our date nights or organise a private event!